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Hypergiant teams with Fortune 500s on AI Development to improve how humans work in creative ways we may never have imagined. Robots will not run the world. Humans will—by adopting more efficient work methods, applying their skills in more effective, direct ways, and focusing on work that truly changes the world.

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“Hypergiant doesn’t prefer ‘Artificial Intelligence’ as a useful term—it’s been so bastardized by the mainstream conversation that it lacks specificity and sets people’s minds to things of science fiction. We ascribe to the nomenclature of ‘Machine Intelligence’ as there is nothing artificial, after all, about designing technology to make people’s lives better, or to make technology more intelligent. Thus, rather than the boogeyman of Artificial Intelligence from science fiction, we design and build Machine Intelligences to help humans in their daily lives.”
- John Fremont


We are living in the Fourth Industrial Revolution—a time when technology reduces loss of life, physical injury, and the strain on families from industrial work hours and physical demands—as was the case with former Industrial Revolutions. This is not a time to fear AI. This is a time to realize that AI—the AI that’s in your home right now and the higher-functioning AI the world’s top experts are developing—is working with us to advance humankind.


    A bleeding-edge, highly experienced dream team with a deep understanding of the rich panoply of advancements available through progressive and judicious use of Machine Intelligence (MI).


    We blend concept, method, and model to create experiences and define new capabilities that leverage Machine Intelligence, bringing pragmatism to a complex topic that everyone claims to have solved.


    Our signature, tech-agnostic approach balances the irreplaceable role of humanity in innovation with our deep understanding of contemporary technology.

Hypergiant delivers on the promise of AI that changes the future today by focusing on your business needs first and technology second. Unlike other major AI players out there, Hypergiant fosters real-world AI solutions that create shockwaves of innovation across industries. We partner with Fortune 500s who have real-world issues to solve and the real-world data to solve them—often matching them with smaller companies we invest in who have specialized AI strategies that fit our clients’ unique needs.


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