Data Scientists

Hyperdrive for Data Scientists.

Data Scientists

Need to get AI projects into production faster?

Hyperdrive can do that. Fully managed data science lab environment with tools to support the entire ML model lifecycle.

  • Self-service platform.
  • Collaborate in project-based workspaces using an integrated suite of open source and commercial ML tools, including Jupyter Notebooks, Kubeflow, and a dedicated Kubernetes compute cluster.
  • Map ML model outputs to business KPIs to track performance throughout training and production.
  • Prepare data, investigate failures, train models and package for deployment, and then promote models to monitored production serving environments in the cloud, on premise and on the edge
ML Engineers

Hyperdrive for ML Engineers.

ML Engineer

Are You Facing Challenges Scaling and Managing Your ML Operations Practice?

Hyperdrive helps you scale and manage models.

  • Monitor and maintain deployed ML models in production with deep operation insights.
  • Manage and track your complete model inventory from development through production deployment.
  • Proactively identify performance problems, model or data drift and infrastructure health issues with integrated Prometheus metric monitoring, Grafana dashboards and intelligent altering.
  • Configure target deployment environments, manage distributed compute orchestration agents, and centrally define organizational security policies and governance roles.
Data Engineer

Hyperdrive for Data Engineers.

Data Engineer

Are Your AI Projects Stalled Due to Data Problems

You’re not alone. 96% of organizations said they have run into problems with data quality, data labelling necessary to train AI and building model confidence. Hyperdrive fixes this. Discover, cleanse, transform and prepare data from anywhere using powerful data pipelines.

  • Build data set catalogues from dozens of sources, including S3, LakeFS, Snowflake, Postres, AWS Redshift and more.
  • Create code-drive data pipelines to prepare data for modeling using Kubeflow Pipelines and Jupyter Notebooks.
  • Securely share data between partners, vendors and customers with blockchain-based Hyperledger distributed data fabric.
  • Augment and expanded data sets with intelligent data synthesis and model-driven data generators.
Business Leaders

Hyperdrive for Business Leaders.

Business Leaders

Are You Struggling To Show Impact For AI Models

Are you struggling to show impact for AI models? Hyperdrive changes that. Gain critical insights into the efficacy of your AI models from KPIs, to project costs, security and compliance.

  • Quickly visualize ML model fleet performance against mapped business KPIs with executive stakeholder audience.
  • Track costs by project with detailed analysis of spending across development, training and serving infrastructure.
  • Identify risks to achieving successful business outcomes with visibility into a range of issues, including data quality, model accuracy, data provenance, product drift, model explainability and infrastructure security.


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Request a Demo

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