Hypergiant is the best team I have ever worked with. I learned more about designing and developing intelligent experiences in two days with Hypergiant, than I have in 20 years.

Rob Taylor

Chief Technical Officer of Carlyle Aviation Group

We Employ a Holistic
Approach to AI Solutions.

Businesses that are prepared for the future utilize artificial intelligence to create more resiliency, new revenue models and a better experience for employees and customers.

We get that. It’s why we’ve worked with the Department of Defense, Schlumberger, Salesforce, Shell, Disney, TGIFridays to build best in class software solutions for their most pressing data challenges.

Our philosophy is simple: utilize design thinking and emerging technology to ensure the right data reaches the right person at the right moment.

Our Three-Step Approach.

Our three step approach to solving our customer’s big problems.

Step One:

Understanding Your User’s Needs.

Knowing who you are solving for is essential to our process. Our future goal is always ensuring that AI/ML solutions we develop and deploy provide continuous value and solve a real need.

Step Two:

Engaging in the Agile Cycle.

We focus on agile design and development while staying aligned with legacy system integration requirements, data governance, and business KPIs.

Step Three:

Launching Your Product & Iterating.

When we launch your solution, we don’t just walk away. We look at giving you the tools, training, and resources needed to support your solution and augment that support with ongoing changes and new feature additions.


Our Solutions.

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the best in class, future-facing solutions for tomorrow whether you are integrating solar panels into the next gen energy grid or improving the customer experience for travelers to Mars. The bigger the challenge, the more excited we are to help you achieve it.

Some challenging areas where our customers have worked with us to change the future and improve ROI include:

  • Intelligent Operations Platforms
  • Predictive Modeling and Maintenance
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Workforce Optimization
  • Customer Experience Automation
  • Battlefield Decision Support
  • Fraud & Anomaly Detection
  • Healthcare Risk Modeling
  • Inventory Forecasting
  • Industrial Process Intelligence
  • Real-Time Data Visualization
  • Robotic Process Automation

Here Are A Few Ways We've Helped Customers

Outcome-driven case studies in applied design and AI development.


Intelligent Operating Platform


The military needs an extremely powerful tool to command and control course of actions while boasting real-time situational awareness.


We developed a data-driven intelligent operating picture to provide operators with comprehensive data feeds and intelligent decision making capabilities in seconds, removing the need for complex manual tasks.


Our solution has received a Certificate to Field (CtF) and helps drive security across NORAD/NORTHCOM to support the Homeland Defense mission area.

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Supply Chain &
Inventory Optimization

The Problem:

Shell customers wanted to manage their entire fleet and support them with mobile fueling - a complicated logistical problem in the saturated oil and gas market.

The Solution:

We developed a platform to help consumers schedule fueling and vehicle services in just a few taps.

The Outcomes:

The only major brand to step into mobile fueling, TapUp created a brand-new revenue stream (estimated $500MM total addressable market) in the $41 billion U.S. retail fuels market.

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AI Global Initiatives

The Problem:

Nestle needed to scale its AI strategy to improve organizational readiness for an intelligence revolution.

The Solution:

Hypergiant developed a pragmatic, ethical framework encouraging fearless adoption of AI solutions to empower the full enterprise to leverage technology to deliver measurable augmented value for employees, partners and and customers. Through a series of interactive trainings, lectures and interviews, we built a repeatable framework for deploying and embedding new technologies.

The Outcomes:

Simplified framework for scaling new solutions. Visit our Ethics Page to find out more about our framework strategy and our ethical AI processes.

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Firday Logo

Consumer Behavior Prediction

The Problem:

TGIFridays saw an opportunity to excite and delight customers by helping them to predict what they wanted to drink.

The Solution:

Through this digital experience, bar patrons can define a few restrictions before FLANAGAN creates a unique, never-before-consumed drink. By leveraging this experience, the restaurant can gather multitudinous new data points in an effort to achieve the fabled “360º View of the Customer.”

The Outcomes:

Added $150M in incremental revenue growth through AI.

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Robotic Process Automation

The Problem:

General Electric came to us to help solve the complicated issue of how and when to deploy human capital.

The Solution:

We built the GE Control Tower to allow automatic data analysis and data syncing across 100’s of locations. This saved time + money through quick error flagging, and used machine intelligence to scale/oversee global success in each plant.

The Outcomes:

Using beautiful dashboards for complex KPIs, the Control Tower Connects 100’s of automated bot systems and delivers intelligent data processing automatically resulting in process optimization / data driven recommendations.

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Wing Stop

Customer Experience Automation

The Problem:

Lost phone calls were costing WingStop money and tying up employees to handle customer complaints.

The Solution:

Our solution created a personalized telephone ordering experience that required zero waiting, remembered the caller in the future, and facilitated the recovering lost orders at every store in the country.

The Outcomes:

We generated over 34,650,000 in revenue potential through recovery of previously lost orders that also frees the employees to focus on in-person service.

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