Humanity’s Future Starts Here.

Technology is Foundational to Our Future.

In addition to creating innovative AI solutions for Fortune 500 companies, Hypergiant is driven to make technology oriented towards improving global condition in realms ranging from climate change and cybersecurity to smart cities and disaster relief.

It's our belief that technology is a foundational element in the effort to build a better society. From the international space station, to the internet, to the next leap with quantum computing, we see technology, particularly artificial intelligence related technologies, rapidly propelling humanity forward. However, it's not enough to build new technology, particularly AI, and let it loose on the world. Instead, we need to develop a vision for a future and use technology to support that vision.


Our Philosophy:
To Build a Better World.

We believe this future is possible when we democratize artificial intelligence and develop new technology solutions aligned with this bigger philosophy on living. When we focus on our five pillars (shown below), we can build ground-breaking technologies, support the technology developments of others, and champion work being done all over the world.

A better world must start today and we want to help everyone get there.


Hypergiant’s Five Pillars.

We believe in a future that is more resiliant, more inclusive, and more secure.

Endlessly Curious


Society is inclusive, resilient and sustainable.



Food and clean water are secure and readily available.

Lead With Solutions.


The World's Nations are secure and resilient.

Lead with Positivity.


People are able to work from anywhere, as they want.



A balance exists between our advanced society and nature.


Our Global Platform

With our AI Services Integration Platform we are powering the future. Our platform has the capability to support food agriculture programs, power planetary explorations, stop animal poaching, reforest blighted urban areas, better respond to natural disasters and help mitigate humanitarian crises.

This is possible because we focus on the development of our core platform to some of the world's biggest challenges mapped back to our framework pillars of community, stability safety, flexibility and balance.


We Are Not Your
Grandfather’s AI Company.

It is not our intent to provide artificial intelligence solutions at premium prices to solve minor workflow issues. We want to solve big challenges, galvanize industries forward and break the barriers that allow for monopolies.

To do so, we are creating the foundational infrastructure to allow the power of artificial intelligence to be utilized by all. This means that a small business owner in Alabama can develop new production capacity following a disaster and a company in Africa can control electrical surges that impact the ability of people to live their daily lives. It means that conservationists in South America can track endangered species and non-profits in California can better understand ocean pollution cycles.

AI for All isn't about creating the biggest market, it's about creating the planet we want to live on together.


The research on algae is incredibly compelling, both on the amount of carbon it sequesters as well as its rate of growth. And then, in looking at that, we realized that the biggest problems in algae are things we can solve with artificial intelligence.

Satya Nadella

CEO of Microsoft


Our Technologies
Support Our Vision.

Hypergiant has developed software and hardware solutions that are focused on helping us achieve this vision of the future, and we are constantly focused on partnering with businesses and governments who share this view. The more we focus on software and core emergent artificial intelligence technologies, the more we see solutions that underpin a better world.


What Hypergiant Has Done.

Making the World a Better Place.

All of the products that we've created are running on our core AI-platform which can help people to design, build, operate and govern solutions. With this platform, we are able to modulate algae performance in order to improve carbon sequestration in our award-winning Eos Bioreactor, to track and monitor destruction from natural disasters in our lauded disaster preparedness tool and to predict impacts of climate change through our climate change simulator.

The platform has helped to design these solutions to attack complex problems, and to help us build and operate even more challenging problems. For example, the Hyperion Constellation is a first of its kind partnership with the US Air Force to deliver reconfiguration satellites in space and the HIVE Command software helps people operate satellites from a diverse group of locations thereby increasing resiliency for satellite operators.

Hypergiant’s Platform Solutions.

Using our Open AI Services Integration Platform (Hyperdrive) Hypergiant has created many solutions across many industry verticals.

Endlessly Curious


Eos Bioreactor, Disaster Preparedness Tool, Climate Change Simulator.



Predictive Modeling and Maintenance.

Lead With Solutions.


Hyperion Constellation HIVE, Project Orion.

Lead with Positivity.


Hyperion Constellation HIVE, Project Orion.



Snow Leopard Tracking, Venture Funding,

EOS Bioreactor

Algae Carbon Capture Device

An AI model powered by our Hyperdrive AI platform modulates algae performance in order to improve carbon sequestration in our award-winning Eos Bioreactor, currently on display as part of the Smithsonian's FUTURES exhibit. The Bioreactor is 400 times more effective at consuming carbon dioxide than trees, while producing a harvestable biomass that can be repurposed for multiple uses like eco-friendly 3-D printing and creating biofuels.


Advanced Astronaut HUD

The heads-up display (HUD) for astronauts could help them better manage complex space missions. Its purpose is to improve safety by putting more information at astronauts’ fingertips and cutting down on how much they have to maneuver in the spacesuit.

Project ORION

Augmented Reality Helmet

ORION is an augmented-reality helmet designed with first-responders in mind. The helmet is out-fitted with multiple cameras (regular vision, night vision, infrared, thermal imaging detection), delivering its wearer a real-time active display with shape and object detection and classification at 5K resolution and a 200-degree field of vision. ORION is designed as a robust platform for enabling additional context-specific information.

Project SkyView

Disaster Mapping System

SkyView is an AI model powered by our Hyperdrive AI platform that leverages satellite and drone imagery to pinpoint and score buildings most impacted by a disaster such as a tornado or earthquake. Using SkyView, first-responder search and rescue teams can enter into affected areas with a color-coded view and understanding of the best path of entry to help and where the most damage exists.


Where Hypergiant is Going.

We are Embracing the Possibilities of the Future.

We don't intend to stop there. In fact, we envision a world with hundreds of solutions to thousands of problems that are built on a core solution kernel.

  • Community: AI solutions that help reduce and respond to carbon emissions and other harmful greenhouse gasses accumulating in our atmosphere.
  • Stability: AI solutions that use predictive modeling and predictive maintenance technologies to improve our food security, help identify water shortages and help others to develop solutions that utilize artificial intelligence to improve access to water.
  • Safety: AI solutions to improve the way soldiers communicate in battle, leaders make decisions in theatre, and everyone responds to natural disasters. Among the top threats of concern to the military at the moment isn't kinetic warfare, its climate change. And, there is no bigger theatre with which to apply AI smartly than at the intersection of human security and climate threat.
  • Flexibility: AI solutions to encourage new ways of working through tele- conference and communications, holographic bots and virtual simulations, and increased technology access to all people everywhere.
  • Balance: AI solutions that predict migratory paths of birds that help to build urban environments that interweave human needs with animal needs, and that create new virtual simulations to design the way we live.

A better world must start today and Hypergiant wants to help everyone get there...


Hypergiant understands that AI will continue to become smarter, and new previously unimaginable digital tools will become mainstream. This will support our fundemental need to create a better quality of life across the globe.

Ben Lamm

Founder and former CEO of Hypergiant Industries


We Aren’t Doing This Alone.

Together We Can Bring the Change the World Needs

Around us people are bringing solutions to life that will bring more community, more stability, more safety, more flexibility and more balance in the years ahead. This includes projects that use artificial intelligence for mapping biodiverity globally, diagnosing COVID-19, tracking snow leopards, protecting elephants from poachers, and using algae to create safe drinking water.

Projects that inspire us, some of which we financially and otherwise support, include:

  • Shneel Malik’s work to transform buildings into clean water producers using algae tiles.
  • Verdox’s direct air capture carbon sequestration technology which could change the carbon conversation overnight.
  • The Planetary Society’s lightsail program which should vastly improve cubesat propulsion.
  • Bowery Farms’ efforts utilizing artificial intelligence to bring sustainable agriculture into cities.
  • Watergen’s’ work to create water directly from air.
  • Nautilus Magazine’s’ efforts to create science based, in depth reporting for the next generation.

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