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Humanity’s Future Starts Here.

Technology is Foundational to Our Future.

In addition to creating innovative AI-powered software for the space, defense and critical infrastructure sectors, we’re driven to make technology geared toward improving global conditions, in realms ranging from climate change and resource utilization, to disaster relief and the creation of smart cities with secure critical infrastructure.

It’s our belief that technology is a foundational element in the effort to build a better society. From the international space station, to the internet, to the next leap with quantum computing, we see technology, particularly artificial intelligence-related technologies, rapidly propelling humanity forward. However, it’s not enough to build new technology, particularly AI, and let it loose on the world. Instead, we need to develop a vision for a future and use technology to support that vision.


Our Philosophy:
To Build a Better World.

We believe this future is possible when we democratize artificial intelligence and develop new technology solutions aligned with this bigger philosophy on living. When we focus on our five pillars (shown below), we can build ground-breaking technologies, support the technology developments of others, and champion work being done all over the world.

A better world must start today and we want to help everyone get there.

Hypergiant’s Five Pillars.

Hypergiant’s Five Pillars.

We believe in a future that is more resilient, more inclusive, and more secure.

Endlessly Curious


Society is inclusive, resilient and sustainable.

Endlessly Curious


Food and clean water are secure and readily available.

Endlessly Curious


The World’s Nations are secure and resilient.

Endlessly Curious


People are able to work from anywhere, as they want.

Endlessly Curious


A balance exists between our advanced society and nature.



We are excited to hear from you and look forward to better understanding how we can work together to drive powerful outcomes for your mission-critical initiatives.