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The future we were promised in the videos, cartoons and books of our youth promised flying cars, global utopias and a world where digital and physical lives were intertwined. The world we live in falls short of the vision. At Hypergiant, we constantly ask where is the future we were promised and what can we do to bring it to life? Our vision of tomorrowing today is to be the guiding light of the future who guides and accelerates the way forward for a better world.


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Hypergiant Industries Leadership Team

Hypergiant Industries Leadership Team

Leaders in Machine Intelligence - with an impressive record of tailoring solutions for clients in fields ranging from oil drilling and fluid dynamics to entertainment and healthcare. All from a user-centric perspective marrying business needs with user needs. Quite simply, this team has created some of the most well-known technology deployments in recent history.

We are passionate about developing AI solutions to solve your biggest business challenges. Beyond that, we are obsessed with space, the future of technology, <redacted> and the most pressing issues impacting humanity.


Mike Betzer


Runs the Hypergiant business and has a history in building, scaling and selling software companies. Believes deeply in servant leadership and that companies live or die by their culture. Wonders what Old 300 BBQ would taste like if served on the space station.

C.K. Sample

Chief Customer Officer

C.K. is an experienced and proven multi-domain executive. As Hypergiant's Chief Customer Officer, C.K. manages all the teams working to deliver excellent custom AI solutions to our customers and supports all customers leveraging our Hyperdrive AI Applications.

Tim Paulin


Runs all things finance for Hypergiant. Tim loves growth and the chaos that comes with it. Believes deeply in the power of AI to solve humanity's most pressing issues. Former college athlete and recovering investment banker.

Michael Roberts


Michael Roberts leads Hypergiant’s all-star technology team. He’s an experienced executive with twenty years of experience in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and over forty years in software development, including ten years with the NASA. An innovator, he holds multiple patents and is always looking to the technology future.

Quentin Donnellan

President, Space & Defense

Quentin Donnellan serves as Hypergiant’s President for Space and Defense, managing several teams actively delivering solutions to both private and public customers, including the US Air Force, US Space Force, and US Army. Quentin’s prior experience spans more than a decade in software engineering, machine learning, and aerospace engineering.

Will Griffin

Chief Ethics Officer

Created and evangelizes Hypergiant's Top of Mind Ethics (TOME) framewhich which is focused on responsible tech practices at the company and the industry-at-large. Recipient of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Global Ethics Award. Passionate about pushing culture and humanity forward.

Marc Katz

General Counsel

Manages Hypergiant's legal department focused on helping Hypergiant, its employees and its customers navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing legal landscape.


Culture: our power is in our people.

Hypergiant believes in culture. We believe that the way to transform the future is through small groups of dedicated, brilliant people who are committed to solving the world’s biggest problems.

We stand behind our key values:

Endlessly Curious

Be Endlessly Curious.

We thrive when we challenge established norms. Seek out inspiring thoughts. Cut through the noise to find elegant solutions to complex problems.


Work Hard. Have Fun.

We believe that fun is central to working hard. Long days and nights are made better with jokes, funny ideas and plenty of memes.

Lead With Solutions.

Lead With Solutions.

We don’t see problems: we see opportunity. Every problem is solvable with enough opportunity, time and motivation.

Lead with Positivity.

Lead with Positivity.

We believe in a bright future. We believe in problem solvers. We believe in the endless capacity of human potential.



We are made better by being inclusive. Show off diverse backgrounds and diverse ideas. Challenge us with new perspectives. Technology must serve all people -- and it requires all people to ensure it does.


Want to Join

We are looking for the best and we want to hear from you. Find out about working at Hypergiant by contacting us directly or reviewing our current openings.


AI is not magic, it’s just work. It is also not a new thing. I know it’s sexy right now and people are excited about it, but it’s really more of a magic bullet. It’s a different look at how you’re leveraging and organizing data.

Ben Lamm

Founder and former CEO of Hypergiant Industries

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Our Philosophy:
To Build a Better World.

Hypergiant wants to do more than make great software. We want to make a better world.

Technology is a foundational element in the effort to build a better society. From the international space station, to the internet, to the next leap with quantum computing, technology, particularly artificial intelligence related technologies, are rapidly propelling humanity forward. However, it's not enough to build new technology, particularly AI, and let it loose on the world. Instead, we need to develop a vision for a future and use technology to support that vision.


Our R&D labs have been busy.

We believe this future is possible when we democratize artificial intelligence and develop new technology solutions aligned with this bigger philosophy on living. When we focus on our five pillars, we can build ground-breaking technologies, support the technology developments of others, and champion work being done all over the world. We believe in a future that is more resilient, more inclusive, and more secure.

Our R&D lab has built prototype solutions, including:


EOS Bioreact

Algae Carbon Capture Device

An AI model powered by our Hyperdrive AI platform modulates algae performance in order to improve carbon sequestration in our award-winning Eos Bioreactor, currently on display as part of the Smithsonian's FUTURES exhibit. The Bioreactor is 400 times more effective at consuming carbon dioxide than trees, while producing a harvestable biomass that can be repurposed for multiple uses like eco-friendly 3-D printing and creating biofuels.


Advanced Astronaut HUD

The heads-up display (HUD) for astronauts could help them better manage complex space missions. Its purpose is to improve safety by putting more information at astronauts’ fingertips and cutting down on how much they have to maneuver in the spacesuit.

Project ORION

Augmented Reality Helmet

ORION is an augmented-reality helmet designed with first-responders in mind. The helmet is out-fitted with multiple cameras (regular vision, night vision, infrared, thermal imaging detection), delivering its wearer a real-time active display with shape and object detection and classification at 5K resolution and a 200-degree field of vision. ORION is designed as a robust platform for enabling additional context-specific information.

Project SkyView

Disaster Mapping System

SkyView is an AI model powered by our Hyperdrive AI platform that leverages satellite and drone imagery to pinpoint and score buildings most impacted by a disaster such as a tornado or earthquake. Using SkyView, first-responder search and rescue teams can enter into affected areas with a color-coded view and understanding of the best path of entry to help and where the most damage exists.


Ethics in everything we do.

Ethics equals trust. Trust equals economic value creation. The Hypergiant Ethical Reasoning Model is based on trust. We believe developing and deploying ethical reasoning at every stage of the process will ensure trust by our team, clients, and society-at-large in products and services we create.


Select Advisors

Our advisors are at the heart of our company and the forefront of their fields. With expertise across science, art, technology and artificial intelligence, they are guiding lights in their fields and help us to continue to grow our vision.


Bill Nye

CEO, Planetary Society

William Sanford Nye, popularly known as “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” is a famous American television presenter and mechanical engineer. He is best known as the host of the syndicated children’s science show Bill Nye the Science Guy (winner of 19 Emmy Awards), the Netflix show Bill Nye Saves the World and for his many appearances in popular media as a science advocate and educator. He is the author of two best-selling books on science: Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation (2014) and Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World (2015). He has made numerous media appearances including Dancing with the Stars, The Big Bang Theory, and Inside Amy Schumer. Mr. Nye is also the CEO of the Planetary Society, an organization that promotes space exploration for the betterment of humankind.


Sangeeta Mudnal

Vice President, Crown Castle

Sangeeta Mudnal is a creative product leader known for devising innovative solutions and strategies, with expertise in software application development, AI technologies and customer experience excellence. Before her current role as a Vice President at Crown Castle, a telecommunications infrastructure and fiber solutions company, she spent 21 years at Microsoft, most recently as the Group Program Manager for Responsible AI in Microsoft Research and the Sr. Director for FATE (Fairness, Accountability, Transparency and Ethics) AI technologies. Mudnal has held various engineering leadership roles at Microsoft managing multi-level global teams of 75+ employees and delivering products like Outlook Express, MSN Messenger, Windows Live Spaces, Office PhotoDraw, as well as successfully spearheading the development of Microsoft Excel on Apple platforms for 6 years delivering 100M+ downloads, 4.6+ star ratings on iOS and surpassing the targets for feature parity, performance and customer satisfaction for Excel for Mac.


John McKinley

Board of Directors, Equifax

John McKinley is an entrepreneur and seasoned business executive who has held CTO positions at News Corp., GE Capital, and AOL. McKinley currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors at Equifax - a position he has held since 2008 - as well as CEO/Founder of Great Falls Ventures, a seed/early stage investment and advisory firm with investment exits to firms such as Microsoft and Google. McKinley is also CEO/Founder of SaferAging and serves as an advisor to a variety of leading technology companies, including Catalyst Investors, Computes, Inc., and Conversable. McKinley holds a B.S. in Decision Science and Finance from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.


Nova Spivak

CEO, Magical / Co-Founder, Arch Mission Foundation

Nova Spivack is a successful venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur who has founded and co-founded some of the most successful technology startups of recent times. Currently, Nova is the founder and CEO of science and technology incubator, Magical, and co-founder of The Arch Mission Foundation. He is an advisor for EES Ventures, a seed fund focused on energy innovation, and is on the board of the Common Crawl Foundation. During his career, Nova has helped build dozens of ventures, including multiple IPOs, and acquisitions by Apple, Facebook, Samsung, Disney, and others. He also has authored nearly 100 granted, pending, and provisional patents in areas including AR/VR, AI/ML, search, advertising, mobile apps, and the semantic web.


Tom Meredith

Senior Partner, Brightstar Capital Partners

Tom Meredith is a Sr. Partner in Brightstar Capital Partners, a middle market private equity firm based in New York and also CEO of MFI Capital. Mr. Meredith’s career spans over 35 years and includes extensive experience in corporate finance, manufacturing, finance operations, and global financial markets. Mr. Meredith has served in various senior positions at Dell, Inc, Motorola, Sun Microsystems, and Amdahl Capital. Mr. Meredith is a member of the board of The Nature Conservancy, Waller Creek Conservancy and AI Austin. He serves on the Advisory Boards of the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas and the University of Texas System Chancellor’s Technology Commercialization Cabinet. He is also an Emeritus Trustee of the University of Virginia College Foundation Board.

The History of Hypergiant.

The History of Hypergiant.

Named after the largest and brightest class of star in the known universe, Hypergiant Industries’ vision is to be the guiding light that solves humanity’s most challenging problems - whether on earth or in the cosmos - through the creation of AI-enabled platforms, products, and services. Hypergiant Industries was created in response to a question: where is the techtopia we were promised?

We are unwilling to wait for the future. We want to create the future.

We do not believe in dystopian disaster narratives. We believe in humans to build a better and more just world.

Founded by Ben Lamm is 2018, the company has rapidly grown by focusing on finding compelling solutions to the world’s biggest challenges.

Made in Texas

Made in Texas.

We are Texas born and raised with teams in Austin, Dallas and Houston and dispersed across the state. We feel lucky to be part of this dynamic ecosystem -- and excited to be part of the growing economy in tech, defense, and AI that is continuing to bolster the Texas economy.


Contact Hypergiant

We are excited to hear from you and look forward to better understanding how we can work together to drive powerful outcomes for our mutual customers.