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Actionable Intelligence for Mission-Critical Decisions

Actionable Intelligence for Mission-Critical Decisions

Our data-agnostic platform rapidly assimilates needed information and creates streamlined, efficient workflows that clearly define the journey from data to decision.

Customized to a user’s unique mission sets, we create a dynamic and immersive experience with gaming-like speeds and a UI/UX framework that brings clear, concise, and easily interpretable information. This unified interface gives users a complete picture of specific environments from a strategic global perspective down to tactical asset-level detail, providing AI-enabled, actionable intelligence for rapid decision-making.

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Hypergiant Industries Leadership Team
Hypergiant Industries Leadership Team

Hypergiant Industries Leadership Team

We are leaders in Machine Intelligence, and we’re passionate about developing AI solutions to solve your biggest business challenges. We’ve got an impressive record of tailoring solutions for clients in fields ranging from oil drilling and fluid dynamics, to entertainment and healthcare – all stemming from a user-centric perspective that marries business needs with user needs. Quite simply, this team has created some of the most well-known technology deployments in recent history.


Mike Betzer


Mike runs the Hypergiant business as CEO, drawing on his 30-year history of building, scaling, and selling software companies. He brings vast experience in leading digital transformation, and is a servant leader who believes that companies live or die by their culture.

Jay McGuire

Chief of Staff

As Hypergiant’s Chief of Staff, Jay brings leadership that fosters innovation and unity, empowering the team to embrace innovation and laying the foundation for groundbreaking advancements. He has more than 30 years of experience across the DoD and federal sectors.

C.K. Sample

Chief Customer Officer

C.K. is an experienced and proven multi-domain executive. As Hypergiant's Chief Customer Officer, C.K. manages all the teams working to deliver excellent custom artificial intelligence solutions to customers, and supports all customers leveraging Hypergiant’s CommandCenter platform.

Tim Paulin

Chief Financial Officer

Tim brings over 15 years of financial management experience to his role as Hypergiant’s CFO. Throughout his career, he has worked with rapidly growing technology start-ups, managed complex financial transactions within the investment banking sector, and managed complex contract negotiations for Fortune 500 enterprises.

Marc Katz

Chief Legal Officer

Marc brings over 15 years of domestic and international corporate law experience to his role as Hypergiant’s Chief Legal Officer. He runs the legal department with a focus on helping Hypergiant, its employees, and its customers navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing legal landscape.

Quentin Donnellan

President, Space & Defense

Quentin brings over 20 years of experience in software engineering, machine learning, and aerospace engineering to his role as Hypergiant’s President of Space & Defense. He has led several multi-disciplinary teams delivering artificial intelligence solutions in a range of deployment environments across the public and private sectors.

Andy Martin

SVP, Sales & Business Development

Andy has over 25 years of experience leading sales and business development teams for technology companies spanning the commercial and public sectors. As SVP of Sales & Business Development at Hypergiant, Andy leads growth strategy and business development at the company. He is a proud veteran and supports veterans at every opportunity.

Laura Whitefield

Director of HR and Administration

Laura is a multifaceted Human Resource and Cultural Specialist with a proven track record of transforming corporate values, structure and processes to facilitate cultural shifts that sustain an agile and responsive workplace culture. As Hypergiant’s Director of HR & Administration, Laura develops and maintains ambitious administrative and procedural workflows to achieve our organizational objectives.

Hypergiant Industries Leadership Team

Awards and Distinctions

We strive to bring our customers the most innovative technology built to the highest design standards, and we’re honored to be recognized for our innovation and design excellence.

The History of Hypergiant
The History of Hypergiant.

The History of Hypergiant

Named after the largest and brightest class of star in the known universe, Hypergiant Industries’ vision is to be the guiding light that solves humanity’s most challenging problems – whether on earth or in the cosmos – through the creation of AI-enabled platforms, products, and services. We believe technology will help us build a better world; the techtopia we know is possible.

Since being founded in 2018 by Ben Lamm, Hypergiant has helped some of the largest Fortune 500 companies and government agencies develop and deploy AI-powered software to solve their toughest problems.


A Better World

Technology is foundational to our future.

Made in Texas

Made in Texas

We are Texas-born and raised with teams in Austin, Dallas and Houston, and dispersed across the state. We feel lucky to be part of this dynamic ecosystem – and excited to be part of the growing economy in tech, defense, and AI here.



We are excited to hear from you and look forward to better understanding how we can work together to drive powerful outcomes for your mission-critical initiatives.