Data Scientists

Joint All-Domain Command & Control

Data Scientists

Modern capability, built with cloud-based control

In collaboration with the US Air Force, the Joint Effects for Real-time Integrated Command & Control Operations (JERIC2O) adaptation of CommandCenter is the Department of Defense’s only modern, cloud-enabled tactical level C2 software developed for the US Government. Built for the Rapid Capability Office (RCO) as a part of Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS) for the Department of the Air Force #2 Operational Imperative, CommandCenter is the front end to Cloud-Based Command and Control (CBC2). Features of CommandCenter can be simply merged into the government code base, or they can be copied to a new infrastructure instance and scaled for any DOD client or application.

ML Engineers

Predictive Maintenance and Sustainment

ML Engineer

Maximizing the lifecycle of a remote fleet

Working closely with the US Army, Hypergiant has extensive experience in the field of advanced predictive maintenance and sustainment. CommandCenter can highlight an imminent failure and access repair manuals to provide detailed repair instructions. Emphasizing fix-forward capabilities, CommandCenter assists operators with where to repair the vehicle, matching local skillsets, facilities, and available parts with the extent and complexity of repair.

Data Engineer

In-Space Servicing & Maintenance (ISAM)

Data Engineer

Insights that drive action

As a map-based geospatial solution, CommandCenter can be leveraged to track satellites in orbit or beyond into the furthest reaches of mapped space, displaying all available information in context to empower decisions. Using TLEs of satellites, orbital debris, and more, CommandCenter can alert warfighters of collisions or other anomalies, provide Courses of Action to avoid unwanted outcomes, and execute tasking commands all from a single pane of glass. Utilizing Asset-Level Details & Predictive Maintenance, operators can zoom into satellite telemetry to view hardware, history, fuel levels, and more, providing predictive maintenance models to service an asset before failure.

Business Leaders

Physical Security

Business Leaders

Mitigating threats with real time updates

Using CommandCenter for Physical Security leverages data fusion to see and understand applicable activity in real time. Leveraging multiple data feeds like weather, crime statistics, live camera access, social media, and traffic data, operators have unparalleled situational awareness of their facilities. Utilizing leading-edge computer vision algorithms, the operator can rely on facial recognition with high accuracy. CommandCenter sources all known information on the subject and generates actions to speed notification of authorities when necessary. In extreme cases, CommandCenter can generate courses of action, automated personnel notifications, preferred evacuation routes and known hazards.


Collaborate and Visualize

Begin by wiring default CommandCenter installation into an initial set of available data feeds. Identify and prioritize data to be visualized geospatially within the tool.


Customize and Review

Release limited initial version with a subset of users to identify opportunities for automation and build out customized use cases.


Implement and Launch

Begin AI-powered automations within CommandCenter and optimize for a larger scale company rollout.


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