Data Scientists

Data-Driven Decision Making

Data Scientists

Operational efficiency at all levels

CommandCenter offers companies enhanced situational intelligence and data-driven decision making capabilities to help them maintain a complete operating picture of their enterprise. This includes key features such as real-time equipment health monitoring, predictive maintenance, and proactive management of disruptive events. CommandCenter makes it easy for operators to quickly triage and respond to any disruption event, big or small. By utilizing CommandCenter, companies can maximize their operational efficiency and ensure their customers receive the best possible service.

ML Engineers

Enterprise Disruption Management

ML Engineer

AI-powered capability

CommandCenter is an invaluable tool for managing large disruptions, allowing for quick and informed decision making and automated information dissemination to ensure that employees are well-informed and prepared for any emergency. With its advanced Artificial Intelligence capabilities, CommandCenter can help the enterprise stay in control during a disruption and then quickly return to normal operations afterwards. As an advanced operational management tool, CommandCenter gives C-suite and on-location operators the clarity they need to take the correct steps to keep their enterprise running smoothly and efficiently.

Data Engineer

Facility Security

Data Engineer

Empowering confidence to split second decision making

CommandCenter offers a comprehensive suite of features to help operators optimally manage their facilities. With advanced computer vision and Open Source Intelligence algorithms, CommandCenter takes the guesswork out of quickly developing situations and allows operators to make informed decisions on how to best handle any potential threat. The CommandCenter platform is highly scalable and customizable and can adapt to any enterprise operation. With its robust and reliable features, CommandCenter is the perfect choice for any organization looking to stay safe and secure when executing enterprise operations.

Business Leaders

IT Security

Business Leaders

Mitigating external threats

CommandCenter is a powerful tool for enterprise IT organizations, enabling them to quickly and effectively identify and respond to threats. With CommandCenter, IT managers can easily draw on the necessary context to contain and mitigate the impact of cyber attacks, ensuring continuity of operations with minimal downtime. CommandCenter enables IT teams to be proactive in managing threats and protecting their networks from malicious actors.


Collaborate and Visualize

Begin by wiring default CommandCenter installation into an initial set of available data feeds. Identify and prioritize data to be visualized geospatially within the tool.


Customize and Review

Release limited initial version with a subset of users to identify opportunities for automation and build out customized use cases.


Implement and Launch

Begin AI-powered automations within CommandCenter and optimize for a larger scale company rollout.


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